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What do I need for entry:
- Passport, which is valid for 6 month
- Touristvisa, which you be able to get by entry
- Permit for trekkingtous you can get it in Kathmandu

- Dollar or Nepali Rupie

- Vaccination against Hapatitis before travelling
- Medication for colds
- Tablets to disinfect the water

Speaking and understanding:
- Nepali is the national language, english is an important commercial language. A lot of people are speaking english.

- Is a kingdom, which it is 147181 km˛
- Inhabitants 18,5 Mio
- Capitol is Kathmandu

- Nepalis are very friendly and hospitable people. On their faces is always a smile, if you greet “Namaste”.

- Before Monsun = March-April
- After Monsun = September-October

For questions or more infos
In english:
In german: